Install & Update

Transformers Chain


Good to know: You need a minimum 8 core, 16gb ram and 120gb NVME disk to make it running on your machine .

// Update dependencies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl wget
// Download the TFSC application
// Change application permission
chmod +x tfs_v0.19.0_000aec2_devnet
// Run the application with -c flag to get configuration file
./tfs_v0.19.0_000aec2_devnet -c
// edit the configuration
sudo nano config.json
// **Please inserti your IP on the field and then use CTRL+X then Y and Enter to save file and exit
// Run the Application
./tfs_v0.19.0_000aec2_devnet -m

Request test balance by filling the form :

After receiving the test balance, you need to stake 1000 to your address, menu number 2. And invest 10000 (better try to get others for invest exchange, using self invest on your own address are not recomended).

Always check your nodes on explorer , see on workload. if you have more than 0 on this day, you can claim bonus tomorrow. if not, no bonus for tomorrow. Phase 2 (high concurrency test) are not started when this tutorial are written.

Always discuss on the discord channel #stage-2 for help :)


Updating are same as install script. But keep follow the announcement, because sometimes you need to remove data.db and config.json, and sometimes not.

Fast Sync Method

You can check latest data.db links on discord, use the search function. if you need help for latest, i can upload once a day, just tag me (otomatis#6904) on tfsc discord. i'll try my best for help :)

**AnonFiles method

open on your browser first, then "copy download link" from the download button. How to use it? Stop your tfsc app (menu 0).

rm -rf data.db



run your tfsc app again. wait for connected to the network and get synced.

**OshiLinks method (only works for a few days after uploaded)

Stop your tfsc app (menu 0).

rm -rf data.db



run your tfsc app again. wait for connected to the network and get synced.

Good to know: This v.0.19.0 update are require you to delete the config.json, then run the application with "-c" flag to create new configuration. Also No Need to delete/remove your data.db

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