phase 2 only!

If you want to reinstall your phase 1 nodes, please refer to my old article on


if you are using ubuntu 20.04, please use step 1 to step 4 on , if you are using ubuntu 22.04 you can follow this step below:

// download erlang
apt -y install erlang-base erlang-public-key erlang-ssl ufw

then install following software needed:

apt -y install docker-compose jq

Get ThePower Cli

// Download ThePower Cli
sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/tp

// makes file downloaded executable
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/tp

Create Folder

mkdir -p {/opt/thepower/db/cert,/opt/thepower/log}

Go To /opt/Thepower & Generate PrivateKey

// go to folder
cd /opt/thepower

// generate privatekey
tp --genkey --ed25519

example of privatekey (don't use this as your key):

cat tpcli.key

Download Config

// Download Config
wget -O node.config

Edit Configuration

nano node.config

change your "replace_with_your_hostname" and "Insert_here_your_upstream_link1".

hostname is your domain/subdomain pointed to your server, upstream_link are links you got from power_bot

{tpic,#{peers => [],port => 1800}}.

% ====== [ here is an example of configuration ] ======

{discovery,#{addresses =>[
#{address => "replace_with_your_hostname", port => 1800, proto => tpic},
#{address => "replace_with_your_hostname", port => 1443, proto => apis},
#{address => "replace_with_your_hostname", port => 1080, proto => api}

{replica, true}.

{hostname, "replace_with_your_hostname"}.

{upstream, [

% ======= [ end of example ] =========

{loglevel, info}.
{info_log, "log/info.log"}.
{error_log, "log/error.log"}.
{debug_log, "log/debug.log"}.
{rpcsport, 1443}.
{rpcport, 1080}.

The first upstream node in the link must be active. Otherwise, the node.config will not work properly.

You can check the upstream node status by running the following command:

curl -s http://upstream_host:1080/api/node/status | jq .result

If the command returns ok it means that no problems were discovered. If there is an error, then change the upstream links order in node.config file.

Run the nodes

grep priv tpcli.key >> node.config

Set up SSL

make sure you change and

copy each line syntax, don't copy all at once.

// install socat
apt-get install socat
// change to your own email address
curl | sh -s
// logout
// then re-login again
// issue your ssl --issue --standalone -d

Install certificate

change to your domain name --install-cert -d \
--cert-file /opt/thepower/db/cert/ \
--key-file /opt/thepower/db/cert/ \
--ca-file /opt/thepower/db/cert/

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