Install & Update

DO Network


Good to know: You need a minimum 8 core, 16gb ram and 120gb NVME disk to make it running on your machine .

// Update dependencies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl wget zip unzip
// Download the TFSC application
// extract file
// Change application permission
chmod +x don_v1.0.0_6691939_primarynet
// Run the application with -c flag to get configuration file
./don_v1.0.0_6691939_primarynet -c
// edit the configuration
sudo nano config.json
// **Please insert your IP on the field and then use CTRL+X then Y and Enter to save file and exit
// Run the Application
./don_v1.0.0_6691939_primarynet -m

You need to join DO on discord

Request test balance on the faucet channel

Always check your nodes on explorer , see on workload. if you have more than 0 on this day, you can claim bonus tomorrow. if not, no bonus for tomorrow.

Always discuss on the discord for help :)


Updating are same as install script. But keep follow the announcement, because sometimes you need to remove data.db and config.json, and sometimes not.

Good to know: Do Network and Transformers chain are same developers, and it's app can't be run together on same machine (afaik).

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