Upgrading The Latest Software

Chains are regularly upgraded to implement new features or resolve issues. The upgrades must be applied at the right time, i.e. the correct height, and in a timely manner to maintain a good uptime. This is where Cosmovisor is useful, although it must be set up to apply said upgrade.

For an upgrade called v2.0.0 (just an example. Ensure to use the actual upgrade tag, and always replace the user and binary path accordingly.):

cd ~/sge
git fetch
git checkout v2.0.0
make build

mkdir -p ~/.sge/cosmovisor/upgrades/v2.0.0/bin
cp ~/elys/build/elysd ~/.sge/cosmovisor/upgrades/v2.0.0/bin/

And that’s it. When the height is reached, Cosmovisor will automatically swap the binary and restart.

This is particularly useful when the upgrade time isn’t convenient, e.g. occurring in the middle of the night β€” although it’s always best to be around in case something goes wrong.

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