The Power

Power DCloud is the world's first DeInfra, which completely beats the problem of inability to build really decentralized dApps without centralized parts or the necessity to use centralized services.

Based on the blockchain platform DCloud combines a universal set of services: multi-virtual machines, decentralized storage, sophisticated tokenomics, nodes and chains, one-stop entry for developers, users, node providers and projects - Power HubDCloud is a unique infrastructure that anyone can access, but no one owns

Prerequisites for a node


CPU coresMemoryHard diskNetwork


4 GB or more

Minimum: 40 GB, SSD preferred

100 Mbit/s


OSErlang versionEshell versionDocker versionServer

Ubuntu 22.04



latest (20.10.18 as of September 2022)

Virtual machine

Recomended server use Contabo M

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