RPC Command

use this command to interact with your nodes

Check nodes version

curl -d '{"action": "version"}' localhost:7076

Check nodes version

curl -d '{"action": "block_count"}' localhost:7076

Create New Nodes Wallet_ID

curl -g -d '{ "action": "wallet_create"}' localhost:7076

Import your wallet into nodes

curl -g -d '{ "action": "wallet_change_seed", "wallet": "YOUR_NODES_WALLET_ID", "seed": "YOUR_SEED_64char"}' localhost:7076

more rpc command are available on official nano pages, since raiblocksone are fork from nano, it's RPC should be same :) https://docs.nano.org/commands/rpc-protocol/

To Backup Your SEED: // Go to your docker container docker exec -it raione-node /bin/bash // Use Command below to get your SEED and Private Key

/usr/bin/./nano_node --wallet_decrypt_unsafe --wallet=%YOUR_WALLLET_ID% // Don't forget to change the %YOUR_WALLLET_ID%

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