Useful Command

Create new wallet

python3 scripts/

just follow next instruction on your screen till you got a public , private and address data in your terminal. let's call the data from { to } are json key.

save it and don't lose it.

If you are from testnet and want to use your old wallet address, you'll need to backup ".auth.json" file located at /newrl/data_testnet , the file may hidden. You need this file if you want to import your old wallet.

after backup, upload and replace file .auth.json on /newrl/data_mainnet on your new server. close the newrl screen and re-run the newrl script:

screen -S newrl -X kill
screen -S newrl
scripts/ mainnet

Go to wallet and login with your data + import your wallet json data, then you need to do KYC to be able use your wallet. you need to stake 500k NEWRL token to start being validator and earn NEWRL token.

Import old wallet on new machine

python3 scripts/ 
Enter environment[mainnet/testnet/devnet]: mainnet

select mainnet for environtment, then Paste the existing wallet.

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