WASM Contract Deployment

Task Crew3 Deploy a Smart Contract

Link To Crew3 Task : https://crew3.xyz/c/5irechain/invite/Lpv2wf3LwMV0IS8XTgoY2


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone https://github.com/5ire-tech/wasm-contract-deployment.git
  2. Go inside the folder

    cd wasm-contract-deployment
  3. Install the required dependencies

    npm i
  4. Edit deploy.js using command: nano deploy.js In deploy.js:ln38 change the PHRASE variable (input the mnemonic phrase of the wallet having some 5ire coins to pay the transaction fee) and deploy.js:ln17 end point to 5ireChain Testnet Wss: wss://wss-testnet.5ire.network/

  5. Save the deploy.js using CTRL+X , Y then Enter

  6. Run code using

    node deploy.js

if you found any error, make sure you're installing nodeJS v14+ if your system are giving error while installing it, check out reference on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72442108/dpkg-dep-error-paste-subprocess-was-killed-by-signalbroken-pipe-ubuntu-wsl2

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