Update and Install Dependencies

apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt autoremove -y && apt install screen curl -y

Install Docker

apt install -y

Pull Images From Docker Hub

docker pull raiblocksone/raione:R1_V.02

Run Nodes Once To Get Settings File

docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d -p 7075:7075 -p -p -v /root/raiblocksone/:/root --name raione-node raiblocksone/raione:R1_V.02 

Stop Nodes

docker stop raione-node

Enable Voting

sudo nano raiblocksone/Nano/config-node.toml

copy this code below to the config-node.toml

// Copy this code at the top of file config-node.toml

enable_voting = true

Change RPC Settings

// change the value of enable_control to true
sudo nano raiblocksone/Nano/config-rpc.toml

Restart The Services

docker restart raione-node

Useful Command

Check Version: curl -g -d '{ "action": "version"}' 'localhost:7076'

Block Count: curl -g -d '{ "action": "block_count"}' 'localhost:7076'

Create New Wallet ID: curl -g -d '{ "action": "wallet_create"}' 'localhost:7076' Create New Wallet Account: curl -g -d '{ "action": "account_create", "wallet": "%WALLET_ID% "}' 'localhost:7076'

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