install inery nodes Master Nodes on your machine

Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install -y make bzip2 automake libbz2-dev libssl-dev doxygen graphviz libgmp3-dev \
autotools-dev libicu-dev python2.7 python2.7-dev python3 python3-dev \
autoconf libtool curl zlib1g-dev sudo ruby libusb-1.0-0-dev \
libcurl4-gnutls-dev pkg-config patch llvm-7-dev clang-7 vim-common jq libncurses5

Download Inery Nodes

git clone

Export path

//go to inery.setup folder
cd inery-node/inery.setup

//change permission
chmod +x

//export path
./ --export

//refresh environtment path
source ~/.bashrc

Configure Master Nodes

//go to tools folder
cd tools

//edit config.json
nano config.json

make sure you change the data needed for master account.

    "NAME": "AccountName",
    "PUBLIC_KEY": "PublicKey",
    "PRIVATE_KEY": "PrivateKey",
    "PEER_ADDRESS": "IP:9010",
    "HTTP_ADDRESS": "",
    "HOST_ADDRESS": ""
  • AccountName = Inery master account name

  • PublicKey = Public key of an account

  • PrivateKey = Private key of an account

  • IP = IP address or DNS of your server

Save it (ctrl+S), Type "Y" and exit (ctrl+X)

Run Blockchain protocol

make sure you're going back to inery.setup folder

//go back to inery.setup folder
cd ..

//run blockchain software
./ --master

Check Logs

tail -f master.node/blockchain/nodine.log

Register and Approve Account

You will need 50000 INR on your blockchain account which will be transfered to inery.stake account. Also make sure your nodes already synced before running command below, or it may break and giving error.

//create wallet and save password on defaultWallet.txt
cd;  cline wallet create --file defaultWallet.txt

//unlock wallet (only if locked)
cline wallet unlock --password YOUR_WALLET_PASSWORD

//import privatekey into wallet
cline wallet import --private-key MASTER_PRIVATE_KEY

//bind master account

//approve account as master
cline master approve ACCOUNT_NAME
  • YOUR_WALLET_PASSWORD = password on defaultWallet.txt

  • MASTER_PRIVATE_KEY = private key on inery dashboard

  • ACCOUNT_NAME = account name on inery dashboard

  • ACCOUNT_PUBLIC_KEY = public key on inery dashboard

  • YOUR_SERVER_IP = your ip used (not your ip registered on dasboard!)

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