Update systems and build tools

sudo apt update

sudo apt-get install git curl build-essential make jq gcc snapd chrony lz4 tmux unzip bc -y

Install Go

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
curl -Ls | sudo tar -xzf - -C /usr/local
eval $(echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin' | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/
eval $(echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bin' | tee -a $HOME/.profile)

Install Node

cd $HOME
rm -rf elys
git clone elys

cd elys
git checkout v0.9.0

// use make install to install directly or make build to get binary

// make install
make install

// make build
make build
// add application to path
nano ~/.bashrc
// add this to the end of file
export PATH=$PATH:/location/folder/elys/build
// refresh path
source ~/.bashrc

// check version, if it's working then it works
elysd version

Init Chain and Setup

// Init generation
elysd init NodeName --chain-id=elystestnet-1

Download Genesis & Addrbook

// genesis
curl -Ls > $HOME/.elys/config/genesis.json 

// addrbook
curl -Ls > $HOME/.elys/config/addrbook.json

Create Services

sudo tee /etc/systemd/system/elysd.service > /dev/null <<EOF
Description=elysd Daemon
ExecStart=$(which elysd) start
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable elysd

Set indexer to null (save your vps disk space)

// automatic
sed -i -e 's|^indexer *=.*|indexer = "null"|' $HOME/.elys/config/config.toml
sudo systemctl restart elysd

// manual
nano $HOME/.elys/config/config.toml
// search for indexer=kv and change it to null then restart services
sudo systemctl restart elysd

Useful Command

Check Version: elysd version --long

CHECK STATUS BINARY: systemctl status elysd CHECK RUNNING LOGS: journalctl -fu elysd -o cat CHECK LOCAL STATUS: curl -s localhost:26657/status | jq .result.sync_info

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