Block stuck?

This only for testnet (ITN event)


Good to know: Please go to folder testnet-validator first, before you do any command below!

// open geth 
docker-compose exec testnet-validator-node geth attach /data/geth.ipc
// jump to earlier block head
// after giving some response like:  null
// run command below to restart your nodes
docker-compose restart

if the above code are not working and you keep getting stuck after some block (for example stuck on #3,699,041.

Try command below

docker-compose down -v --remove-orphans
//edit docker file
nano docker-compose.yaml

Add "--bootnodes=$BOOTNODE1_ADDR,$BOOTNODE2_ADDR,$BOOTNODE3_ADDR" on your docker configuration like images below:

it's should be working normal now. please keep checking your blocks and node status on

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